We are continuously monitoring the evolution of 3D developments in the metaverse. For example, we already had collaborations with companies such as Toster Software and Hasselt University to stay on top of the latest trends in the world of VR. Dive into our latest projects and discover the endless possibilities of digital decors.

Eye-Opener® Imaginarium

The Eye-Opener® Imaginarium is the first step in our own digital world where reality and technology collide. Step into the wonderful world of Eye-Opener® and discover the endless possibilities of virtual decors. Your digital daydream starts here!

HP Meeting Room

We designed this clean, pleasant and inspiring meeting room for HP Belgium. We made the full creative design and provided clear technical drawings for production.

The Musician's House

The Musicians' House has found its home in this beautiful garden. Fully custom designed and personalized down to the smallest details. But before we could carry out the physical realization with Eye-Opener® Decors, we designed the playhouse in our metaverse.
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